Benefits of Music in Child Development

The importance of music in the development of children has long been a topic for discussion by musicologists, physicians, child psychologists, neuroscientists, and music educators. These experts recognize that making music – and singing in particular – has many physical, intellectual, social, and emotional benefits for the young child. Studies have also provided evidence of benefits related to language learning, reading ability, and memory skills.  

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Sing-Along Time has been designed by music educators to use music and motion to optimize cognitive development during childhood years.  Tested with children both at home, and in the classroom, our program has been shown to:

  • Improve Motor Skills:   Our songs include choreographed hand and body motions that develop children’s sense of rhythm and timing.
  • Promote a Strong Voice:  Children improve their singing voices and their speaking voices as they learn to project with confidence.
  • Reinforce Reading Skills:  Children strengthen their alphabet skills and increase their vocabulary as they view song lyrics onscreen and associate sounds with words.
  • Improve Listening Skills:  Our music videos sharpen children's listening skills as they learn to recognize and respond to auditory cues.
  • Help with Memory Recall:  Children begin to recognize and remember patterns in songs, motions, and song lyrics.
  • Boost Creativity:  Children can participate actively in each musical performance, sparking their musical and artistic creativity.
  • Increase Confidence and Social Skill:  Music participation, singing, and dancing build confidence and enhance social skills.
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