Frequently Asked Questions

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Motion Diagrams and other Parent Resources – Where can I find them?

First, click on the "Parent Activities Portal" menu option located under the "Members Portal" dropdown menu.

The Parent Activities Portal contains a list of all Sing-Along Time songs.  Click on one of these songs to access the "Parent Resources Page" for that specific song.  

The resources provided for each song include:  the Motion Diagrams, the Video, Extended learning Questions, a short "Story Time" story about the character in the video, and coloring pages for the character & instrument that appear in the video.  

Gift Membership – How does it work?

When you purchase a gift membership, a coupon for a free membership will be sent to your email address.
Just forward this email to the intended recipient.  Optionally, you can add your own custom message.

When your email is received, the recipient can simply click on the coupon.  A new browser tab will open to the website:

  • On some browsers:  A membership will be automatically added to the shopping cart and the coupon will be automatically applied.
  • On other browsers:  The recipient must add a membership to the shopping cart, then the coupon will be automatically applied. 
  • Alternatively, the recipient can add a membership to the shopping cart, copy the coupon code into the coupon box, and click on the "Apply Coupon" button. 

No payment information will be required during the checkout process, but basic account information will be required to complete the membership registration process.  

Please use our Contact form if you have additional questions.

How long does my Membership last?

Sing-Along Time Membership is permanent. 

After purchasing a Membership, the account owner will have permanent access to all Sing-Along Time videos, audios, and instructional resources.  

Do you offer refunds?

Full refunds are available during the first 7 days following purchase of a new membership.  Refunds will be credited via the original purchase method -- Paypal or credit card.  

Please use our Contact form to request a refund.