Parent Activities

Sing-Along Time includes optional Parent Activities that improve cognitive learning.  Parent Activities are provided for every song, and can be used both before and after each video.  These activities can be also be used with children by grandparents, aunts/uncles, babysitters/nannies or older siblings.

Motion Diagrams

Before each video you can preview each song’s motions with your child.  Motions are shown as diagrams, along with song lyrics, and mirror those performed in the video you’ll watch.

This is a fun activity that helps get you and your child ready to dance.

1 Itsy Bitsy Spider Went Up

Questions for your Child

After each video, you have the option to extend the learning by asking questions related to the video’s animal character, instrument, and song topics.

Our questions provide a fun, stress-free way to engage your child and get them thinking.

Mother And Son

More Fun with Our Characters

Children love our animal musicians and so we’ve included even more extras for kids to enjoy.

Character Story-Time
We’ve included character stories which can red aloud to children and teach lessons about musical instruments.

Coloring Activities
We’ve included coloring activities for characters and instruments for you to print and encourage your child to color.

Sing Along Shark 1200 High