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Music and Motion for Children Ages 2-6

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The Joy of Music and Participation

Sing-Along Time is a video-based program that encourages children, ages 2 - 6, to become active participants in music, singing along and moving with the rhythm.  This benefits both musical and mental development.  

Our video collection features the songs kids love to sing, including children’s standards, nursery rhymes, patriotic songs, folk songs, and more. 

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Research-Based Results

Sing-Along Time has been created by music educators to provide the perfect blend of entertainment, inspiration and education. 

Tested with children both at home and in the classroom, Sing-Along Time videos provide a specially designed learning experience you won’t find on YouTube or anywhere else online. 

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Cognitive Benefits for Children

Sing-Along Time uses music and motion to optimize cognitive development in young children.  Our videos have been shown to:  

  • Promote a Strong Voice:  Children improve their singing voices and their speaking voices as they learn to project with confidence.
  • Improve Motor Skills:   Our songs include choreographed hand and body motions that develop children’s sense of rhythm and timing.
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  • Reinforce Reading Skills:  Children strengthen their alphabet skills and increase their vocabulary as they view song lyrics onscreen and associate sounds with words.
  • Improve Listening Skills:  Our music videos sharpen children's listening skills as they learn to recognize and respond to auditory cues.
  • Help with Memory Recall:  Children begin to recognize and remember patterns in songs, motions, and song lyrics.
  • Boost Creativity:  Children can participate actively in each musical performance, sparking their musical and artistic creativity.
  • Increase Confidence and Social Skill:  Music participation, singing, and dancing build confidence and enhance social skills.

Animal Musicians Who Inspire

Our video collection features classic children’s songs that are performed by a happy cast of “animal musicians” who introduce children to the names, shapes, and sounds of musical instruments. 

Our roster of animal musicians includes Guitar Giraffe, Piano Panda, Bass Bear, Drum Dog, Trumpet Tiger, Flute Fox, Cello Cat and more.  Children love watching these animal characters perform music and will be inspired to try musical instruments on their own someday. 

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Your Child’s Own Music Library features high-quality video and audio content that delivers a safe, consistent, and wholesome musical environment to your home. 

With your membership, you’ll receive full website access which includes:   

Sample Video:  "Wheels on the Bus"


Complete Video Library

Our video library contains hours of sing-along videos that children love.  We’ve chosen dozens of songs that will pave the way for music appreciation in the years to come, including: 

“Alphabet Song,” “Bingo,” “Happy Birthday,” “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes,” “Hot Cross Bun,” “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” “London Bridge,” “Mary Had Little Lamb,” “Old MacDonald,” “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” “This Old Man,” “Wheels on the Bus,” “Yankee Doodle,” and many more!  


Complete Audio Library

We’ve also included audio track versions of all our songs purely for listening enjoyment.  These are great for casual listening around the house or on the go.  You can select songs individually from our audio playlist, or you can use our auto-play feature and just let the music flow.  

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Parent Activities

We’ve created a variety of additional resources that allow parents to guide their children and participate in the fun.  We identify simple choreographed movements that are unique to each song and help parents introduce young children to the joys of moving with the characters in the videos.  We’ve also included extras such as coloring activities and story-times with our animal musicians. 

A Great Social Activity  

Sing-Along Time is also a fun group activity for young children and is perfect for:  

  •   Play Dates
  •   Birthday Parties
  •   Sleep-overs
  •   Babysitter/Nanny Activities
  •   Quality Time with Grandparents
  •   And of Course, Fun with Mom and Dad!
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